While on an adventure trip, you are required to take care of a number of things, and packing surely constitutes one of them. Packing not always means how many number of t-shirts or pants or shoes you are required to pack, but includes a number of things as well.

Thus, next time you are planning an adventure trip, do not forget to pack all these essentials along with your clothes for a happy and safe trip:

  1. A pair of thongs:

Your backpacking shouldn’t always be an indulgence about clothes, but you must keep comfortable footwear as well. Thus, choosing a pair of thongs and packing it for your next adventure is something that you must never miss. A proper pair of thongs would save your feet from all kinds of dirty floors, hostel showers, etc. At the same time, they can come to your escape and be your savior when your actual footwear gets broken or torn.

  1. First aid kit:

While packing your stuffs especially during hiking and adventure trip, the most important thing you must pack with yourself is the first aid kit. Adventure brings a lot of nuances and health issues with it, and toward it off it is very important for you to carry all the essentials in a first aid kit. Thus, make sure not to forget all the necessary painkillers, band aids, vitamins, etc. while traveling on an adventure trip.

  1. The important Ts:

There are three important Ts that you must always keep a note of while traveling to an adventure trip. These include all the essential tissues, towelettes and toilet paper. All these things are one of the most important things that you must remember to pack in your travel backpack.

  1. Spare Bags:

Another important thing that you must not forget while packing for an adventure trip is a spare bag. Your spare bag need not be a large-sized bag, on the contrary, you must spare small plastic bags as well as pouches in order to store all kinds of dirty belongings and sorting things out. Zip lock bags are also considered to be a fantastic option while pondering over the idea of spare bags.

  1. A pack of cards:

Your adventure trip should also include several rounds of entertainment. Thus, keeping a pack of cards for your fulsome entertainment is sure a good idea. You can utilize playing with a pack of cards during your spare time, or while you are idling into your room, or waiting for your flight at the airport, etc.

  1. Notebook and a pen:

In this world of mobile phones and iPads, some people still choose the idea of writing stuff down on to the paper and follow this old school fashion. Thus, if you happen to be one of them who wants to keep a regular journal of all your adventures and a record of trips – keeping a pen and a notebook is a good idea for you.

Follow these easy-peasy packing tips while packing for your next adventure.