Are you a backpacker who just loves to pack your bags and travel places to live a number of adventures? If you are one of them, there is a news! You can now experiment with a number of backpack hacks in order to make your trip more convenient and comforting.

Know the below listed backpack hacks right away!

  1. Snow Cones:

If you are planning to backpack in snow, it is always recommended to bring a dash of powdered Gatorade or crystal light in order to whip up the snow cones. This could be done by creating a snowball, sprinkling some powder on the top and enjoy the amazing snow cones. The presence of Gatorade will help you in replenishing electrolytes into your body.

  1. Make your own stove:

If you have a knack of reusing materials, why invest in something like stove while traveling? You can make your own lightweight stove by using a pocketknife, aluminum can, alcohol for fuel, and various other items. Experiment and create your own stove for the trip.

  1. Save weight:

You always have the option of choosing the items which are light in weight while packing your bags for the trip. Replace the hard plastic water bottles with the softer ones, remove all kinds of unnecessary packaging from the food items and start packing things in layers.

  1. Pill bottle match holder:

You can store various matches inside an empty and small pill bottle and they would always stay intact and dry. Furthermore, you are required to cut the striking paper of the matchbox and paste in on to the inside of the lid. Your matchbox is ready.

  1. Soap pads:

Comfort and hygiene play a very important role while you are traveling to adventure. Thus, this is very important for you to take care of all sorts of hygiene hacks. Always carry soap pads with you. You can use a vegetable peeler in order to shave thin pads from a biodegradable soap to use them throughout your trip.

  1. Ambient Light:

You can create ambient light inside your tent during a trek. This can easily be done by pointing the headlamp on to the Nalgene or similar bottle. This method would end up creating a good glow instead of a harsh beam and you would be able to enjoy the presence of this ambient light.

  1. Extra Shoes:

One of the most important things that you must remember while traveling for adventures or trek is to always carry a pair of extra shoes or hiking boots. Alongside, don’t forget to carry extra slippers and to use them during all the times when you are not trekking or hiking.

  1. Baby wipe bath:

You can keep yourself clean and hygienic throughout your trip if you carry a pack of travel baby wipes while traveling. The baby wipes will help you with an instant wipe-down at the night and you would be able to clean yourself well after all the hiking and trekking.

These hacks are surely going to make your trip easy!