Traveling is a fulsome learning experience and as is the experience of packing for the same. Packing meticulously for any trip is very essential, however being extra careful about things tends to create a problem sometimes. Packing, especially during a trekking trip calls for an inclusion of minimal items, which are important during the trek, and hence packing unwanted items during your trekking experience is a big no.

Following includes the list of all the things that you must never pack while you are on a trekking trip:

  1. Jewelry and related valuables:

The first and the foremost thing that you must never carry with you while you are on a trekking trip is your precious jewelry. Taking your jewelry to a trekking trip is clearly an unnecessary call. At the same time, you will always be at the risk of losing them during all the time you climb high mountains and battle with the calamities of nature. Thus, taking jewelry and various other related valuables at your trip is strictly a big no.

  1. Too many clothes:

You are packing for your trekking trip and not for any random party and hence keeping a lot of clothes into your travel backpack is surely a bad idea. A lot of clothes into a backpack occupy most of the space, thereby making it difficult to adjust and fit other important things. Thus, you should ward off packing too many clothes at once.

  1. More than one pair of jeans:

Just like other pieces of clothes, denims is something that occupies a lot of space into the backpack. Denims are heavy plus they take a lot of time to dry. Thus, why create a fuss during your trip by taking more than one pair of jeans when you can easily survive on a single one?

  1. Too many shoes:

An adventure trip shouldn’t be about wearing different shoes each day, but packing the most comfortable ones with you. At the same time, you must remember that the extra pair of shoes that you are likely to carry shouldn’t be weighty so as to occupy the entire space into your bag and leaving space for nothing else. Wear the heavy ones, and pack the smaller ones.

  1. Bulky towels:

Bulky towels are yet another thing that you must not pack in your backpack while going on an adventure trip. Carrying a full fluffy towel at your trip wouldn’t make a lot of sense as it occupies a lot of space into your backpack. Thus, it is always better to make the use of a smaller and a slimmer towel, such as a swimmer towel. The swimmer towels are super absorbent in nature and hence you wouldn’t have to worry much about the drying of the towel you are using during the trip.

  1. Extra gadgets:

Why carry extra gadgets in your trip and invest your time in them when you have an option to carry out some of the most amazing adventure activities during your trip? Taking many cameras, USB, iPod, convertors, battery chargers, laptop, etc. is a big no.  If you still doubt this, try consolidating all these stuffs into a single universal chargers and you and your bag would be at so much ease.